Friday, October 23, 2009

My Painting Process- Current Work 4

Over the past month, I have been sharing with you how I go about creating a painting from beginning to end.  This is the 4th post in this series. 

The piece I have been showing you has now been definitively named "Be Mine."  I sat with this title throughout, and it is the right one.  At this point, the details of the chain, key and heart are to be painted in.  The painting has come together as you see below.

"Be Mine"
 Oil on Canvas

Additionally, the collar is to be detailed as shown in the studies below.

(Click on an Image to Enlarge)

Ring Studies (and Detail of Ring Studies)
Acrylic Gesso on Canvas

These studies were done using  both black gesso and white gesso, instead of paint.  I found it interesting to work with such a thick and unforgiving medium in this way compared to the oil paint that I am used to.  I will use this ring as the collar on the figure in "Be Mine."

As I look at the painting so far there is something that does not sit right.  I am satisfied with the treatment of the paint, itself, though I am not pleased with the positioning of the figure.  I have some changes in mind that I will share with you this coming week. 

I am also finishing up another painting in this series that I will introduce to you soon, as well. 

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