Friday, January 14, 2011

The Museum of Censored Art Grand Opening

Censorship Does Not Work in Today's Culture

Spurned by the Smithsonian's most recent act of removing a David Wojnarowicz video from a National Portrait Gallery exhibit in November, the video has received a lot of attention and screenings (see previous posts on Wojnarowicz’ video: click here) .

The Museum of Censored Art Opens its Doors

Now, visitors of the Smithsonian's Hide/Seek exhibit will also get to see the video "Fire In My Belly," by David Wojnarowicz without traveling too far: 
The Museum of Censored Art : Showing Art the Smithsonian Won't  has just opened an exhibit just steps from the National Portrait Gallery. 

News Report: The Museum of Censored Art, showing art the Smithsonian won't

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Censorship Not Effective

Video about AIDS Suffering and Oppression Gets Airplay

"A Fire in My Belly," the Wojnarowicz video censored by the Smithsonian in November, has received more screenings since it's 'banning.'  From Washington D.C. to New York to Chicago to Los Angeles to You Tube. See previous post here: Censorship of the Arts.

"A Fire in My Belly" was shown at:
  • Transformer Gallery December 3rd through December 4, 2010 as continuous screening for 48 hours in storefront window.
  • CB1 Gallery  December 9th through December 19, 2010.  During LA Art Walk the 9th, over 700 people saw the piece.
Wojnarowicz' video can still be seen here:
Online viewing of "A Fire in My Belly:"

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