Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Painting Process- Current Work 3

The piece of work I have been showing you seemed to be coming along well to this point.  As I mentioned before, all of the elements were, most likely, not yet revealed.  That is, the painting seems to write its own story.  I 'hear' or perceive this narrative as it unfolds and then paint it onto the canvas.  Since I last showed you this, there have been some additions.

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As you see above, the woman is now wearing a collar that is attached to a chain.  This chain disappears from the scene and reappears.  It then hangs down, drapes over her form, has its length amassed in a pile,  and extends forward under her arm.  At the end of this chain is a key.   We also see that a shadowy figure has arrived and is standing out side of the bars.  Perhaps all of the elements are in place and we have before us the basic structure for this painting. 

I have continued to build upon the color theme by applying more layers.  Also the figure's form is being developed as I tone down the initial underpainting of the flesh. For the flesh tones I found a really nice palette on Matthew Innis' blog: 'Underpaintings; Mattelson Palette'.   In other works in this series, the figure in the painting was placed in a way that I drew from my simple palette for the flesh (prussian blue, cobalt violet, cadmium yellow lemon and titanium white).  In this piece I added a dab of alizarin crimson for the spot of red.  From here I will work out any obvious issues, paint all the pieces in, and add detail and texture.

Stay tuned to see this piece come to completion.

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