Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Painting Process- Current Work 6

"Be Mine"
Oil on Canvas

Coming down the home stretch for this piece, I have discovered some things about photographing the work that I will share in a later post.  When you compare the photo of "Be Mine" in today's post with previous posts, here: Current Artwork , be aware that the apparent jump in quality of the painting is in large part a jump in photograph accuracy.  The photo above was taken this morning before today's painting session.

In order to complete the piece there are a few things left to do.  What remains is adding more form to the figure while maintaining the subtle changes in flesh tone, painting all elements so that the light effect supports the painting's mood, adding back in the pieces I removed previously and unifying the piece, overall.

Check back to see the end result and the next piece I have started.

Regarding November's Artist of the Month, I thought I would have the post up , but this is delayed a few days as I communicate with him about some details of the article.  I believe it is worth the wait as I am really excited about his work.

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