Saturday, November 20, 2010

Photograph That Painting!

Taking Digital Photos of an Unfinished Painting

I photograph my paintings throughout the painting process. This allows me to see things I may be overlooking while I am engaged in putting paint on the canvas. It also documents aspects of my painting process I may want to refer to later.

 Oil Painting Error is Revealed

The detail photos below are from a work in progress:

Wave Detail 1 Blocked In

The two photos of this first detail  are taken several months apart.  Initially the shape is blocked in and then many layers of glaze are applied. 

Wave  Detail 1

In the second photo above, I can see that the sky area above the box is blotchy.  This was not my intention and something I noticed more easily in the photo.  This is an example of how photographing my painting process helps me. 

The photos that follow are of another area of the same painting.

Wave Detail 2 Blocked In

These remaining photos show Detail 2 throughout many months of the painting process.  Again, much glazing and scumbling has been done.

Wave Detail 2
In the next post I will show successive shots of the entire painting from which these detail photos are derived.

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