Saturday, March 7, 2015

Best Oil Paint Glaze for a Smooth Surface

Oil Painting Glaze Ingredients
Damar Varnish: Linseed Stand Oil: Mineral Spirits
My favorite glaze for oil painting is Damar Varnish: Linseed Stand Oil: Mineral Spirits* in a  1:1:1 ratio. This is a very high quality clear glaze that creates a strong paint film.  This homemade glaze is mixed in a very small quantity:  I put equal parts in a 1 oz glass jar with a screw top lid and shake it up.  I usually make a small amount at a time, because it does thicken up a bit over time.  I do not dip into the jar, but pour it out into my paint mixing container.   Treated this way, it will last weeks in a tightly lidded jar.

This glaze mixture is said to dry relatively quickly. I find that it takes several days in my humid climate. Even though reworking the painting can occur early in initial painting session of a new glaze layer, the painting does not remain 'open' beyond this first day as this glaze becomes increasingly tacky during the drying period. That being said, there is a much longer open period compared to Liquin glaze.

This is perfect glaze for using on panels or other smooth rigid supports.  I also like to use it on canvas.  I use this formula of glaze when I want an extremely smooth surface without much in the way of texture or brushstrokes.
Many of my paintings are layer upon layer upon layer....of glazes and transparent or semi-transparent paints.  This glaze is perfect for this style of multi-layered painting.  The end result is a finish that has a slight sheen, but not a high gloss finish.
*The Brands I use: Richeson Damar Varnish, Maimeri Stand  Linseed Oil, Gamblin Gamsol 100% Odorless Mineral Spirits.

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