Saturday, November 19, 2011

Paint Snob Says: Best Oil Paint Is...

I am a Coffee Snob, a Wine Snob and a Paint Snob
Before my tastes became "refined," I painted with any paint that was pretty. I then discovered the deliciousness of Old Holland, Williamsburg and Rembrandt Oils. But now I have a new favorite!

RGH Oil Paints Are My New Favorites
RGH oil paints are made by artist, Rolf Haerem, for artists. Pure pigments are combined with alkali-refined linseed oil and put through a three roll mill three to five times. RGH does not use extenders in their paints and guarantees their quality.

Why I love t
his oil paint:
  • High Quality
  • Hand Made in US
  • Professional Grade
  • High Tinting Strength
  • Butttery Consistency
  • Economical Pricing
  • Customized Paints

You no longer have to compromise paint quality for price. RGH paints are available in over 100 colors made from the purest pigments and finest ingredients.

Buy 37ml, a gallon, or many quantities in between!

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