Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Business Cards: √ (check)

Business Cards Cheap
9 bucks shipped- no frills, but does the job!

Business Cards Fast
It took less than a week!

  • Tuesday, 4:30 pm: I uploaded the completed design for premium business cards to Vistaprint and chose slowest shipping method (21 days).
  • Thursday, 1:43 am : Vistaprint email informs my order is shipping early.
  • Friday: Order shipped
  • Monday: Order received

Image Uploaded for Printing
I had to play around with and re-uploaded my images to get graphics inside the "Vistaprint safe zone" denoted by a dotted line on uploaded image.  This was after I had already prepared document to specifications of  1062x615 pixels and a cut size of 1028x579 pixels.  Other than this inconsistency, the process was easy. 

Business Cards Cost
250 cards is about $25 shipped.
1000 cards is about $36 shipped.

This included these "extras":
Upload of own design (2)
Glossy color on front side
Full color back side

250 cards can be had for about $9 including shipping, without the extras above
250 cards (free option) is less than $6 If you allow the vistaprint branding on the back side.

Vistaprint Card Ordering Tips:
Chose slow shipping for savings- it was really pretty quick.
Received a coupon enclosed in my order for 25% off next order plus free uploads.
Continually receive free offers by email- it pays to get on their mailing list.
Vistaprint prints postcards and tons of other stuff too.

FREE Business Cards Plus 14-Day Free Shipping $50+

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