Saturday, April 23, 2011

Flaunt It: Business Cards and Post Cards for Artists

OK, None of us is born with business knowledge- but there are tons of resources out there;  I've been reading a couple of great art marketing books.  All of the authors are consistent in their insistence that if we want to make a living using our talents, we must promote ourselves and get our art in front of the public.

Duh?  Yeah, duh!!  Our art DOESN'T speak for itself, it turns out!!

Presenting our most professional self is paramount.  I could scribble my name and number on a scrap of paper, but there is something to be said about the traditional business card. 

HerRealism Fine Art and Design Business Card Draft

Including a graphic that represents my artwork or design service is... how do you say...a no brainer.  Finding a good deal on the printing- priceless.  If you have a local printer you love use them.  Otherwise check out the great online options.  I have seen the products Vistaprint puts out, and they are rather good. 

Although their free card option includes a very small Vistaprint line on the back, it is certainly better than the aforementioned scrap of paper.  Also, much better than the laser printed cards done at home.
However their premium cards are very reasonably priced. 

This week I am sending off my next design (above) and will let you know the turn around time.

In the meantime- check out the great printing deals:


50% Off Postcards. Mailing Services Available.

The links above are for products and services I have researched and tried out.  I receive a small percentage of sales from business conducted through these links.  I have not been asked to recommend any product or service in exchange for payment.

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