Saturday, January 8, 2011

Get Your Blog Listed in Blog Catalog or Blog Search Engine

Why do you blog, anyway?  Hopefully it is to provide useful content to readers.  Pinging blog search engines reaches out to more of those readers.
Have you ever tried to determine the best/most used blog catalogues and how to ping them?  I did and, Dang! Did you know there are, um, I don't know, thousands of them?!! (Last week, I did a post aboutTechnorati, here). I've been sorting through them...

Five Most Useful Blog Search Engine Catalogs
  1. (now defunct)
  3. search is on the slower side.
  5. although catalogs newest posts, blogs not searchable from website.
Dead, Defunct or Dumb Blog Search Engines
Those we have lost....
  • search results continually came up null, read: "dumb, useless."
  • appears to be under construction for last 8 months, in effect: defunct.
  • still exists, but appears to be an rss feed aggregator and no longer a blog search engine- it is not completely clear.
  • dead: has clearly ceased operation. 
  • dead: is simply a parked domain name.
  • has several rss feed readers available, but does not search wide range of blogs from site.
  • searches publications; all search results were 11+ days old and no blogs found in results. 
Ping the Search Engines
Send the major search engines a notification when your blog is updated.  Services such as pingoat and pingomatic allegedly update some of the search engines.  However, since they both list defunct blog search engines, I question whether they actually are effective.
  1. Blogpulse: Can No Longer Submit Blog.
  2. Blogsearch: Add Blog.  Google's Blogsearch adds blog to search results.
  3. IceRocket: Ping Us. Icerocket also provides automatic pinging instructions on the same page.
  4. Technorati: Blog Claim FAQ‘s. An account is required and a code (sent by email) must be in the title of a blog post before blog is claimed and indexed. Then the blog is indexed if it has standing in the blogging community according to the Technorati Authority tracking.
  5. Weblogs: Ping Here.
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Monday, January 3, 2011

Technorati Technorschmati

Blogging For Dollars

Part of using a blog for fun and profit has to do with exposure.  Technorati tags help search engines (and then people) find you. Start by signing up your blog on Technorati so more people can find it.  I tried this a year ago, and Technorati was so back-logged, I could not get blog verified.  This process is much quicker today.
A matter of minutes.

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