Friday, November 13, 2009

My Painting Process- Current Work 5

The painting "Be Mine" has been in process for longer than anticipated. When I last showed it here, Be Mine , I was not happy with some of the drawing within the figure.  What initially appeared to be minor adjustments in actuality were more significant.  In today's post are pictured the most recent two painting sessions. It is now back on track and has a better foundation.  Although I had to paint over some of the key elements to bring the foreground and background back to a unified place, they are to be painted back in. That is the collar and chain, the key and the heart shaped box that you saw in previous versions.

"Be Mine"                   
Oil on Canvas, 30x40''          

Early next week I will post again on this painting.  And later this month the Featured Artist I promised you will be revealed. 

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