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Newsflash: Check Out These Great Artist Resources!

I'd Rather be in the Studio! The Artist's No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion, Alyson B. Stanfield, © 2008

One of my favorite art marketing books just got better.  A perfect gift for your favorite artist now comes with 7 bonuses!  As you know, reading Stanfield's book, is how I started this blog.  For a limited time, when you order through the link below you will receive seven bonus resources.  Even if you don't decide to order, click this link: Stanfield‘s Holiday Resources and you will be able to access additional links to these resources' authors!  Alyson Stanfield does it again:  she wants you to be successful and gives you every opportunity to do just that- including sharing her resources' links!

Subscribe To RSS Feed Using Microsoft's Windows Internet Explorer Reader in 4 Steps....... or More!!

Having Problems Subscribing to RSS with IE?
Getting a Window with Buttons for Other Readers?
Wondering If the Microsoft Feed Reader is Working?

To Subscribe to a Feed using Windows Internet Explorer 8 (IE) RSS Reader:

1.  Open IE browser.  
2.  Go to Page with RSS feed you wish to subscribe to.
3.  Click the orange RSS icon on the page (pictured above).
4. A new window opens once you click on the orange RSS icon on the IE Command Bar that says:
 "You are viewing a feed that contains frequently updated content. When you subscribe to a feed, it is added to the Common Feed List. Updated information from the feed is automatically downloaded to your computer and can be viewed in Internet Explorer and other programs. Learn more about feeds.
 + Subscribe to this feed"

Click on the "+" symbol and your feeds are added to your "Feeds" tab in your "Favorites Center," which is different than your "Favorites."

If You Do Not Get The Window in #4, Above, Do This:

3a.  In the IE Command Bar click The orange RSS icon.
(If it is grey, there is no RSS content on the page you are viewing).
If you do not see the RSS symbol in the IE toolbar section, to make it visible
proceed as follows:
  • Left click "view" in Menu Bar.
  • Hover over "Toolbars" for drop down menu.
  • Click "Command Bar" to enable with a checkmark.
3b. If you still don't see the orange RSS Icon, do this:
  • Click "Tools" in the Command Bar at Right of IE bars (there might also be one at the left, in the  Menu Bar).
  • Hover over "Toolbars" for drop down menu.
  • Click "Customize."
  • A new window opens called "Customize Toolbar."
a.  Find orange RSS icon in the left column, "Available Toolbar Buttons,"and click to highlight.
b. Click "Add" it moves  to the right column, "Current Toolbar Buttons."
c. Click the orange RSS icon to highlight and click "Move Up."
d. Click "Close."
 You should now see the RSS icon in The IE Command Bar and can go to #4 above.  Now that this is set up you will easily be able to subscribe when a feedburner page or different feed reader page comes up.
Phew! It should be easier!!

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Featured Artist: Kolja Tatic (part two)

Kolja Tatic  is bound to be a very well-known household name throughout the world. Talent and vision...(To read all of part one click): Kolja Tatic

Kolja Tatic
Photograph, Computer Enhanced
1873x702 pixels

Using various mediums his artwork spans three decades.  What is fascinating is the cohesive voice that is woven throughout these pieces: In his words, "I am always painting the same idea, the same world, different from our own: silent, distant and lonely..." His imagery is haunting and at the same time very beautiful.  Despite the solitude and vastness of the world depicted, his work alluringly invites you to look at it, to ponder it, and to explore it further.  In some of the works he uses figures, but in others there is simply the suggestion of a figure, be it a shadow, or a stone sculpture or even an empty space that is a non-form: as in an opening, shaped like a living being, in a wall or building.

Kolja Tatic
Wood Sculpture

As I began the tour, I was struck by the strength of each piece, and I nearly found each painting to be my new 'favorite.'  When I say tour, I am referring to a web gallery in which you actually get to 'walk through' rooms with artwork on the walls.  As you come to a painting, you can see it from an oblique angle, hover your cursor over it to see the title and then click on it to see the full painting.  His online exhibition of oils, entitled, "Glass City" has approximately two dozen paintings in two galleries.  There is also a third gallery that is under construction.

Kolja Tatic
Oil on Canvas

Although Tatic does wish to evoke the previous feelings he described, he does not want to influence viewers with his own words and prefers them to use their own imaginations when looking at his work. He believes it best for each viewer to observe his work from their own individual silence.

Kolja Tatic
Oil on Canvas

Currently Kolja Tatic is living in Belgrade, Serbia where he is painting full-time.  Although he is not selling his work, he says this may change in the near future.  To view his online exhibition of oil paintings, click: Glass City Exhibition .  To see his other works of art, please contact the artist and he can direct you to his other web sites.   To contact the artist, email Kolja Tatic at this address: kolja.t(at)

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My Painting Process- Current Work 7

This is a work in progress- the latest view taken after 12/1 painting session.

"Be Mine"
Oil on Canvas

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Featured Artist: Kolja Tatic (part one)

Kolja Tatic is bound to be a very well-known household name throughout the world. Talent and vision like Tatic’s can not go unnoticed.  Breathtaking, contemporary and surrealistic are what come to mind when looking at his art.  His pieces are in various media: photography, wood sculpture, oil on canvas, and digital art.  He first began by taking photographs in 1979 and has had over 150 group and solo exhibits showing this work.  In 1986 he began painting in oils and in 1997 he added digital art to his creative process.  His sculptures were created just at the edge of this new millennium.  His artwork can be found in private collections throughout the United States.

"Abandoned Red..."
Kolja Tatic
Oil on Canvas

Born in Jagodina, Serbia, in 1962, Kolja Tatic was drawn to the arts at an early age. When asked about childhood influences, Tatic replied, "My father was my first teacher, and when I was about 12, I saw for the first time paintings from Giorgio de Chirico and Dali." He went on to say, "...when I first saw "Love Song" and "The Mystery and Melancholy of a Street" from de Chirico and "Premonition of Civil War" from Dali, I saw 'mysterious, enigmatic worlds...'" He said he considers secrecy, mystery, and premonition to be among the most important factors in quality artwork and wishes to create "enigmatic, mysterious, silent places" through his artwork. In this, I believe, he has certainly succeeded.

Kolja Tatic
Oil on Canvas

Part two of this featured artist will be posted tomorrow.  Come back to see more examples of this beautiful artwork.  To contact the artist, email Kolja Tatic at this address: kolja.t(at)

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