Monday, August 3, 2015

Art Nerd; Check Out This Great Art Website

Featured Art Website:

Got Art? This website sports what's hot in 5 cities! 
Art Nerd  City Guides: New York · Chicago · Los Angeles · San Francisco · Seattle
Founded by Lori Zimmer, Art Nerd New York has piles of eye candy for artists and art lovers.  
Why (one of my) favorite Art Nerd features is ON THE INSIDE TIP: Studio Visits;  I love seeing what other working artists are doing now!
And check out Lori's new book The Art of Cardboard: Big Ideas for Creativity, Collaboration, Storytelling and Reuse It's 160 pages of cardboard heaven and looks totally irresistible (I couldn't).  And if you hurry, you may still be able to get a signed copy!!    

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