Sunday, January 13, 2013

Green Artist Tip: 4 Steps to Turpentine Recycling

Use Turpentine To Clean Oil Paint Brushes

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How To Save and Re-use Turpentine:

You will need two jars with lids and a rag /paper towel
  1. Swirl Dirty Brush in Clean Turpentine in Jar #1
  2. Let Paint Settle to Bottom of Jar #1
  3. Pour Turpentine from Jar #1 to Jar #2- Put lid on jar #2 and store recycled turpentine.
  4. Wipe Out Jar #1 (while paint is still wet) and reuse jar later.

Swirl Dirty Brush in Turpentine
Let Paint Settle to Bottom
It takes several hours for paint to settle.  Just put a lid on it and go back to it later.

Carefully Pour Clean Turpentine from Jar #1 to Jar #2
Once paint has settled, be careful not to agitate jar.  Pour clean turp into clean empty jar.

Jar #2 Containing Recycled Turp

Clean Turp in jar #2 can be stored for later use. Store with tight fitting lid.

Wipe Out Paint from Jar #1 to Re-use Jar
Wipe out jar #1- this now becomes your empty clean jar for next time.  Let rag or paper towel dry and then throw in trash.

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