Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Frugal Artist Tip: Clothespins for Drying Paint Brushes? Yes, Clothes Pins

After washing and reshaping paint brushes, (See: Cleaning Oil Paint Brushes)
  • Clip each to a clothes pin.
  • Set on edge of a counter or table with the bristles toward the ground.
  • Allow to drip dry.
Water drips out of metal ferrule . This keeps water from collecting inside ferrule which helps prevent bristle damage.
On a beveled countertop you will need to anchor clothespins with something: a piece of wood works well  or clip a 2nd clothes pin onto the one holding the brush.

I have found wooden clothespins at a small local hardware store or for an even better price at a dollar store. 

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  1. You should have the brushes pointing up, the hairs are like the wick in a kerosene lamp, what you are doing will rot the hair within the ferrule. Put them in a chic ceramic jar.


  2. ~L

    You are right, The hairs are like a wick and will absorb solvent or water if left to sit in it, or even to sit on the bristles in a container.

    So, either store with bristles up in a container, as you suggest, or allow to hang with bristles down in the air (where there is nothing to absorb).

    Bristles up: in a container allows the water to evaporate.

    Bristles down: hanging in the air, as pictured, allows both evaporation and gravity to pull water out of ferrule.

    Though, it should be said that shaking out water is important to do regardless of the preferred method.


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