Saturday, November 7, 2009

Green Artist Tip: Cleaning Paint Brushes

Keep Paint Out of Drains and Ground Water!
  • Save paint to palette for reuse, if possible. (or to paint can or paint bucket).
  • Wipe as much paint off of brush onto cloth rag or paper towel before using any water or solvent.  
  • Use smallest amount of water or other solvent needed to wipe off additional paint to rag. If you put this in a recycled disposable container, and keep dipping, you keep even more paint out of the drain. 
  • ~ In the case of water, you can then let it evaporate from container and wipe out loose paint. This container is then ready to clean brushes again. 
  • ~ In the case of turpentine, you can then let paint settle and pour off clean fluid to a clean jar. The paint sediment can be wiped out of dirty jar with a rag. 
  • Allow the rag or paper to dry completely before putting it in the trash.
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