Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fattest White Paint For Scumbling

Final Paint Layers
The top most layers of an oil painting should be the fattest of all and dry the most slowly. That is the paint should contain the most oil and least amount of dryers. When it comes to white paint, zinc white dries the most slowly, followed by titanium white and then lead white.

Scumbling White 
White Oil Paint Tinting Strength
Since zinc white is the slowest drying white it will increase the drying time of paints it is mixed with.  For scumbling with a mixture, zinc white works well to make a subtle hue without greatly lessening the chroma.

If more hiding or covering is desired, then mixing in a bit of titanium white with the zinc white will help. The more titanium white that is mixed in the more the chroma and brightness will be knocked down as well- so keep this in mind. If one prefers to use titanium white on the scumbling, simply ensure that the previous layer is dry in order to prevent cracking.

Drying Times of White Paint
Lead White Fastest
Lead White + Titanium Fast
Titanium White Moderate
Titanium + Zinc Slow
Zinc White Slowest

Premixed white paint mixtures are available. White paint ingredients by brand vary significantly. Since safflower oil is said to yellow less, lately I've been using it with the whites as a medium rather than linseed oil. Experiment and find your favorite technique; and to prevent cracking just remember Fat over Lean.

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