Tuesday, December 11, 2012

5 Best Gifts for Oil Painters

5 Best Gifts for Artists

Richeson Kolinsky Sable
Oil Brushes are handmade
 with gold ferrules
 and walnut handles
1. Palette Knife Set- Best Painting Knives; Made in Italy:
Set of 12 available at ItalianArtStore.com
Richeson Set of 6 available only at CheapJoes.com
2. Paint, Professional Grade Oil Paint
RGH, Gamblin,Williamsburg, Old Holland, Rembrandt
3. Brushes- High Quality
Hog Bristle-  available at Blick Art Materials
Hand-made Richeson Kolinsky Sable Brushes at RexArt.com
4. Art Marketing Book- I'd rather be in the studio!
5. Painting Supports- High Quality 
Art Panels available at JohnAnnesley.com
Oil Primed Linen (Canvas) available at Utrecht's Double Oil Primed Linen Clearance!

Artist Gift Shopping Deals

See my next post for Art Coupon Codes

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