Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Featured Artist: Kolja Tatic (part two)

Kolja Tatic  is bound to be a very well-known household name throughout the world. Talent and vision...(To read all of part one click): Kolja Tatic

Kolja Tatic
Photograph, Computer Enhanced
1873x702 pixels

Using various mediums his artwork spans three decades.  What is fascinating is the cohesive voice that is woven throughout these pieces: In his words, "I am always painting the same idea, the same world, different from our own: silent, distant and lonely..." His imagery is haunting and at the same time very beautiful.  Despite the solitude and vastness of the world depicted, his work alluringly invites you to look at it, to ponder it, and to explore it further.  In some of the works he uses figures, but in others there is simply the suggestion of a figure, be it a shadow, or a stone sculpture or even an empty space that is a non-form: as in an opening, shaped like a living being, in a wall or building.

Kolja Tatic
Wood Sculpture

As I began the tour, I was struck by the strength of each piece, and I nearly found each painting to be my new 'favorite.'  When I say tour, I am referring to a web gallery in which you actually get to 'walk through' rooms with artwork on the walls.  As you come to a painting, you can see it from an oblique angle, hover your cursor over it to see the title and then click on it to see the full painting.  His online exhibition of oils, entitled, "Glass City" has approximately two dozen paintings in two galleries.  There is also a third gallery that is under construction.

Kolja Tatic
Oil on Canvas

Although Tatic does wish to evoke the previous feelings he described, he does not want to influence viewers with his own words and prefers them to use their own imaginations when looking at his work. He believes it best for each viewer to observe his work from their own individual silence.

Kolja Tatic
Oil on Canvas

Currently Kolja Tatic is living in Belgrade, Serbia where he is painting full-time.  Although he is not selling his work, he says this may change in the near future.  To view his online exhibition of oil paintings, click: Glass City Exhibition .  To see his other works of art, please contact the artist and he can direct you to his other web sites.   To contact the artist, email Kolja Tatic at this address: kolja.t(at)eunet.rs.

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  1. wonderfully beautiful, for me every art food, without which I can not live and I see this as support for all worlds away while closer to our spirit

  2. Anonymous-
    Yes, these are beautiful pieces of art and are like food for the soul!

    ~~julie susanne


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