Saturday, March 3, 2018

Rohini Ralby- Foursquares Paintings- Final Week

Rohini Ralby's first solo show, Foursquares, is currently at Stevenson University.  The opening in February was well attended and Rohini was gracious enough to give an impromptu artist's talk when asked.  Not to be missed is this exhibit of her visual depiction of the vibrations underlying four connected words in what she calls a fourchotomy.  I am fortunate to know artist, Rohini Ralby, as she is also my Guru.   The fourchotomy is one of the tools Rohini uses to teach us how to own, master and transcend vibrations that run us, ruin our lives and keep us from Love and actually living. 

At the opening we were surrounded by amazing art, beautifully rendered, professionally framed and expertly displayed on the four walls around us.  The juiciness of the paint and the richness of the work draws the viewer in.  I could not help but be pulled to one of my "favorites" which has wounded as one of the corners.   

To learn more about fourchotomies in spiritual practice read Rohini's blog post, Artist's Talk.

Rohini's show is up through May 18, 2018.  You can find it at Art Gallery on Stevenson University’s Greenspring Campus, 1525 Greenspring Valley Road, Stevenson, MD 21153. 

The show has been extended through June 22, 2018
Post updated 6/12/18 and 6/18/18 

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