Friday, January 14, 2011

The Museum of Censored Art Grand Opening

Censorship Does Not Work in Today's Culture

Spurned by the Smithsonian's most recent act of removing a David Wojnarowicz video from a National Portrait Gallery exhibit in November, the video has received a lot of attention and screenings (see previous posts on Wojnarowicz’ video: click here) .

The Museum of Censored Art Opens its Doors

Now, visitors of the Smithsonian's Hide/Seek exhibit will also get to see the video "Fire In My Belly," by David Wojnarowicz without traveling too far: 
The Museum of Censored Art : Showing Art the Smithsonian Won't  has just opened an exhibit just steps from the National Portrait Gallery. 

News Report: The Museum of Censored Art, showing art the Smithsonian won't

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