Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Painting Process- Current Work

Yesterday I thought it would be fun to post a drawing from my childhood.  This gives rise to the idea of recognizing our own progress.  Often this is difficult to see as we are so close to our own artwork.  But yesterday's "portrait" drawing next to a current work (hopefully) shows some growth in my drawing and painting abilities. 

Although a silly example, I think this idea as an exercise has some merit;  this could be particularly helpful when faced with challenges in a current work, or you are doubting your abilities,  or you are stuck in some way.  If you have works from an earlier period, pull them out and look at them.  You may surprised at the difference.  If you are working in a different genre now, this can still be valid.    Look at the older piece.    Would you do this the same way if you were creating it today?  Are there obvious problems in the work that you did not know to correct at the time.  Recognize how far you have come.    Is there a common theme you hadn't noticed before?  You may end up jarring your creativity as you critique your own pieces.  You never know what new direction may come out of this sort of an activity. 

I recently looked at a painting I had shown in the 90's.  The composition was way off from my perspective today.  Also, I would have adjusted the concept as it does not feel fully developed.  Another piece that I had shown in a charity auction was a "what were you thinking" moment, in that I certainly was not putting out work that truly represented me. 

Below is the rough draft underpainting of the piece I am working on now.  (Double click to enlarge)

Tomorrow I will show you how it has progressed and talk about the process in greater detail.

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