Friday, October 2, 2009

Copyright Statement

All works written, imaged or coded in this blog are copyrighted per the laws of the US and other countries.  They are copyrighted the moment of creation regardless of the presence or absence of a current copyright notice.  All photos and paintings and writings are originals created by this blog author, unless otherwise noted.   Any post in this blog may be sent or shared via the links in the blog.  That is, they may be sent in the original format with a link back to this blog.  If a hot link is not available where my content is to be posted, then the url "" must be shown as well as the blog title, "Beyond the Artist's Way by julie susanne" and the date of the original post.  To comment on or quote any of my posts on your personal blog, website, or other personal electronic or nonelectronic media or social media is permitted with a link back or the above three elements when a hot link is not available.

None of the content of this blog may be altered in any way for artistic appropriation or any other purposes. None of the content of this blog may be used for commercial use without the express permission of this author.  None of the content of this blog may be used for educational purposes without the express permission of the author.  To request permission, please send a comment from any of the posts on my blog.

This copyright includes content left in comments by readers of my blog.  That is, these comments are automatically copyrighted by that writer the moment they were created according to US copyright laws. 

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